Use this modern Office Add-in to work with entire reports or components of individual reports that are stored in the report catalog of the IDL reporting platform in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Select tables, charts, texts, filters or images from one or more reports and flexibly embed them in the desired location. Once it has been transferred as a native object, you will automatically be informed of any changes in the data and will receive the option to keep the current status or update it with just a click. 

With IDL.OFFICELINK, you work completely in your familiar Office environment. Combine existing report data and objects with additional content using the familiar functionality of Office tools. The Office add-in is based on the latest add-on technology available through the cross-platform strategy and Office 365 productivity platform of Microsoft.

The add-in, therefore, also supports future cloud editions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Office for Mac and the Office mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.   

You can download IDL.OFFICELINK directly through Microsoft Office Store and test it using the demo reports and report components that are provided.


  • Office add-in
  • Based on Microsoft app technology
  • Download from Office Store or a SharePoint app catalog
  • Access the IDL report catalog directly
  • Navigate using folder structures and reports
  • Reuse reports and charts
  • Enter as native Word objects
  • Keep existing formatting
  • Update data with a mouse click
  • Validate and analyze chances in source data
  • Apply all user permissions
  • Track security in Word
  • Administer Office documents in the IDL report catalog or SharePoint



"Integrated, live connection"

What makes IDL.OFFICELINK so fascinating is that you just access the IDL report elements and objects you need and place them wherever you want – all without ever leaving your Office world and document. It is not a report export but rather an integrated, live connection. I simply work in my target document and grab what I need. If I want, I can update the data at any time or even administer it from the report catalog.


View current versions of IDL software and a preview of upcoming features and functions in the IDL Demo Portal.

The portal currently features the IDL reporting platform with IDL.DESIGNER. You can also test the IDL reporting platform in combination with the Office add-in IDL.OFFICELINK. This free download is available from Office Store.

Looking for a specific module? If you don’t see the software module that you would like to test, simply contact us. We will get in touch with you to give you access to a test environment.



Reporting platform


Create reports, forms and dashboards using drag-and-drop functions with IDL.DESIGNER, the central design component of the IDL reporting platform.

IDL Portal

Central gateway

IDL Portal

Access your software modules, apps and administration tools for IDL CPM Suite from a central Web portal.

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