IDL.FINREP for valid XBRL reporting in the banking sector

  • Current FinRep taxonomy
  • Instant visibility of transformation errors
  • Flexible integration of third-party data
  • Transfer approval after the final check


IDL.FINREP is a software solution to support the XBRL filing requirements within the banking sector. It supports automated data management and ensures that users work with the most current reporting structure.

The software validates the data several times throughout the process starting with the transfer of financial statement data and account structures. In the further steps of the process, it regularly checks the logic of the assigned data for accuracy. IDL.FINREP also only approves data for the final transfer if the EBA taxonomy and their requirements have been fulfilled properly.

You can use IDL.FINREP in combination with IDL.KONSIS or any other consolidation and financial reporting software. It can also access the data and rules from custom-made Excel solutions, import the respective contents and structures, and use this information instantly.


  • Automated import of accounts
  • Data import from SQL Server
  • Data import from MS Excel
  • Dynamic data loading
  • Data mapping in accordance with EBA taxonomy
  • Manual entry of individual values
  • Multilevel validation
  • Process transparency
  • Audit assurance
  • Generation of XBRL instance documents
  • Regular taxonomy updates
  • Taxonomy synchronization
  • Filing data history
  • History of taxonomy versions
  • Various output formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, RTF, TXT, CSV, XML)

"Concentrate on the content"

IDL.FINREP has extended the IDL portfolio with a clear, easy-to-use, secure product that supports all regulatory filing requirements of bank and credit institutions. We have developed IDL.FINREP both in line with EU regulations as well as our own strategy to offer clients a program that makes their work easier so that they can fully focus on the content they are delivering. As with all products in the IDL suite, business users can begin working with IDL.FINREP after just a brief training.



Financial consolidation


Create group financial statements based on various accounting standards with IDL.KONSIS.

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