IDL.EBILANZ for automated XBRL filings

  • Importing of balance lists and charts of accounts
  • Industry taxonomies of the HGB taxonomy
  • Plausibility checks and data transfer
  • SAP balance sheet structure importing


With the IDL.EBILANZ software module, you can create a rule-consistent e-balance according to the XBRL taxonomy valid for the notification period and transmit it to the tax office at the touch of a button.

The tool takes on structures and data from different systems and simultaneously allows manual entry of additional data. Form templates are provided for quick access.

The complete creation process is supported in a user-friendly manner. A validation of the submissions and the visualization of a preview of the e-balance sheet record are carried out prior to the final report. The transfer of the data record to the tax office is initiated by a push of a button after successful plausibility checks.  


  • Importing of balance lists and charts of accounts
  • Support for all industry taxonomies of HGB taxonomy
  • Account assignment via drag & drop
  • Data linkage in MS Excel documents
  • Wizard for updating report projects for subsequent periods
  • Wizard for plausibility checks and data transfer
  • SAP balance sheet structure import
  • Individual entry forms for master data and notes
  • Transfers / reclassifications
  • Project templates
  • Display of the data in various evaluations
  • Submission filing

"Comfortable, easy handling"

IDL.EBILANZ offers a fast, simple way to import the necessary company data from IDL.KONSIS and other source systems to comply with Germany’s electronic tax filing requirements. After a brief training, users can intuitively work with the software thanks to its uniform, systematic design. Following the data import, they can quickly drag and drop or double click the imported accounts to map them to the respective taxonomy positions.



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