IDL.DIMMAN for ready-to-analyze data

  • Structure data
  • Add new members
  • Maintain and administer attributes
  • Import CSV files


IDL.DIMMAN is a flexible tool for transferring ERP structures into the required structures for analysis. Business users can create, modify and extend these structures easily using drag-and-drop functions.

Users intuitively arrange their data into parent/child members with the help of entry and selection lists as well as search and jump functions. By creating reference objects to reuse structures, they can simplify these tasks even further. IDL.DIMMAN supports both direct connections to source system data as well as CSV imports of attributes, members and structures.

Core functionality

  • Build structures through drag-and-drop functions
  • Use search and jump functions
  • Create reference objects to reuse structures
  • Supply members from the source system
  • Administer permissions (program, dimensions)
  • Maintain attributes through entry and selection lists
  • Import attributes, members and structures from CSV

"This tool is simply cool"

When it comes to analysis, IDL.DIMMAN is ideal link between rigid ERP structures and the dynamic needs of business departments. Best of all, the tool is so simple to use. Many of our clients can’t imagine working without it!”



Planning and analysis


Use the flexible front-end tool IDL.COCKPIT to support specific analysis requirements and build operational planning solutions for specific departments.

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